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There are several reasons to consider Bahrain for your peaceful living and financial investment

Bahrain is listed and nominated globally among the best liberalised peaceful countries that encourages coexistence with diversified range of different cultures and ethnicities in which discrimination and segregation by race, gender or ethnicity is not a common topic raised. Not to mention that it has the lowest number of crime rates globally, crime rates are so low to the extent that there is no fear to leave house doors unlocked, or leave personal items unattended in a public area, which makes it a great spot for real estate markets especially for expats, foreigners, and immigrants due to the safety and security bodies in the nation. There are several reasons to consider Bahrain for your peaceful living and financial investment.

Investor friendly 

Bahrain is a safe stable market with minimum fluctuations, the best example of this would be during the pandemic, wherein the pandemic has small to negligible effect on the prices and stability of the market. The market is self-dictating conservative one where it does not drag an investor on a speculative roller coaster ride.

Also, with RERA involvement the market is more regulated, with more real investors or end-users, unlike other nearby countries where the price would skyrocket, due to inflation and suddenly drops.

100% foreign ownership

Bahrain commercial freedom gives you exceptional control over business decisions when making an international real estate investment. Bahrain is the only country in the Gulf where developers can benefit from 100% foreign ownership, making it one of the best places to invest in real estate.

Hassle-free investment 

Buying a property in Bahrain is a hassle-free process, the kingdom has proper rules and regulations in place. An investor needs to have a security clearance to invest and also all bank investments are regulated.

Return on investment 

Bahrain offers a good return on investment however it would all depend on the kind of project and the kind of returns a buyer is expecting. Era real estate offers an average of 9% -12% rental yield in whatever the market condition might be. Foreign ownership gives developers the room to grow and investors the room for success making your decision to invest in our real estate sector all the more profitable.


Safe Country 

Bahrain is one of the safest countries to live and the attraction of Bahrain over other GCC countries is the standard of living, quality conditions and the ease of work, with everything readily available within a short distance.

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