apartment for rent in Bahrain

Guide: Renting an Apartment in Bahrain


apartment for rent in bahrain

Finding an apartment for rent in Bahrain is easier than you think. Although it could be a little daunting at first, you will soon realize that the county offers a wide selection of apartments for rent that will suit every taste, budget, and lifestyle.

Firstly you need to look at locations. Manama, the capital, remains the number one choice for renters. It offers a wide range of apartments for rent. However, there are several other areas that offer great housing options as well, and that is popular with both nationals and expats. Saar, Al Juffair and apartments for rent in Seef are just some of the areas that you can start your search in.

Ideally, you should look for an apartment that is close to your office or children’s school, as, at times, traffic can make even the sanest person lose their cool.

Amwaj Islands, Busaiteen and Riffa all offer various types of apartments for you to choose from, ranging from affordable to luxurious.

Apartment for rent in Seef.

You then need to start thinking of size. Apartments in Bahrain range from studios to 3+ bedrooms, so depending on your needs and budget, consider what will work best for you.

Once you’ve selected your apartment of choice, make sure you have all your paperwork in order, as rentals in Bahrain are high in demand and you will usually have more than one tenant after the same house.

Ensure that you have copies of your Bahrain ID card, a copy of your passport and a letter from your employer. Some landlords will also for a marriage certificate as well. You will also have to handover post-dated checks, as this is the usual method of payment unless stated otherwise.

You will usually be asked to supply a security deposit, which equals one month rent. This amount is fully refundable, should there be no damage to the property.
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Before signing the leasing contract, pay extra attention to these points:

  • Security deposit conditions
  • Duration of contract and any terms and conditions for extensions.
  • Notice period and early vacating fees/penalties
  • Information about utilities and maintenance

Once you fully understand what it is your looking for in a house, you’ll be spoiled for an option for finding an apartment to rent in Bahrain.

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