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Expat Guide In Bahrain

Posted by Era Bahrain on 2023

Bahrain Island is a busy lively modern country that enjoys a high level of openness compared to its neighbours in the Middle East, yet it conserves its Islamic culture and lifestyle. Despite cultural differences a lot of expats embark on Bahrain every year shaping a large community. However, relocating requires a basic background to guide you throughout your journey.


Most expats achieve a high standard of luxurious living, from well-paid jobs in sectors including banking, construction, and petroleum, to a variety of accommodation choices, such as high-rise towers and villas. In fact, most expats report higher income than in their home country.

Cost of living in Bahrain      

The cost of living in Bahrain is considerably cheaper than it neighbors. Spending includes mainly the accommodation and the transportation, which most of the time are included within employment contact. On the other hand, you may want to buy your own car. In this case you need to obtain a driving license from Bahrain.

Expats families and children

The company of your family and the ease of living may be your main concern. For family residency, you can easily obtain it through an online application for a relative visa on Bahrain.com. Besides, you can have a permanent resident “Golden Residency Visa” if you are a property owner.

Children education  

There are various options of international schools such as the French international school and the Britus international school. It’s a multi-cultural environment where your children can adapt easily with the environment.

Religious liberty

Although Muslims are the majority in the country, Bahrain has embraced other religions and established several Anglican, Catholic churches and even a synagogues. People in Bahrain are respectful, friendly and hospital to foreigners.

Climate in Bahrain

The weather in Bahrain is marked with high temperature and extreme heat in the summer, while the winter is pleasant and windy.

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