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7 Mistakes of first-time house buyers

Here are 7 rookie mistakes I’ve seen others make…I’ve bought and sold a number of homes now, and I watch these happen again and again.

The 7 Mistakes!


  1. They Buy at the Top of their Range. Don’t you want to be able to go out, travel, have a decent car or be able to weather a job loss? Always buy *below* what you can afford.
  2. They Are Misled By Beauty. There is a reason people hire staging companies or do minor upgrades – it sells homes. Don’t let the beauty of the interior mask real problems of the house…it is far more important that a house functions for you or doesn’t flood, than whether you love that midcentury light fixture.
  3. They Shop in the “Hot Neighborhood.” You don’t want the hot neighborhood…you want the *next* hot neighborhood. You will pay at the top of market for the cool factor of now…but if you buy in the next place to pop, you’ll have equity for days.
  4. They Make “Emotional” Decisions. This is the biggest financial purchase of your life…make it with your head, and not *only* your heart. You can fall in love with many homes, make it a smart purchase – make sure the numbers work, pay for solid inspections, and be able to walk away

5.They Only Think About the Mortgage Payment. That mortgage payment is only one expense of owning a home. You have utility costs, property taxes, school taxes, maintenance, etc..be sure to count those in because they can be significant! Check out the property taxes and other expenses early.

6. They Overlook “Grandma Homes.” An aesthetically “ugly” house with good bones, in a solid neighborhood is almost always a great investment. So what if it has shag carpet or an “ugly kitchen?” Buy the home, contract that out, and save yourself at least $100K off your purchase price. Even better? Do the work yourself over time & you can sell at a profit if or when you move.

7.They Shop For Others/Appearances. Don’t look for a place that will impress your friends, buy a house that works for you. It’s better to have a small yard for your pup, than a master bedroom that looks good on Instagram. You will appreciate that yard every day, and the “likes” aren’t worth it.

Investment Property

 How to Successfully Manage an Investment Property

 How to Successfully Manage an Investment Property


Purchasing an investment property is only the first step as a property investor. The next step is actually managing the property. There are very specific management requirements you will have as a rental property owner. Here are five tips to make your investment a success.

Apartment for rent

Keep Up With Maintenance.

One of the most important things you should do with your investment property is to keep up with the property maintenance. This is important for two reasons. First, under landlord-tenant law, you are legally responsible for keeping the property up to certain health and safety standards. This includes keeping the common areas in good condition and making sure the tenants have somewhere to throw their garbage. Second, if your property is not maintained, you will have a hard time finding and keeping tenants.

People do not want to live in a rat-infested rental with constant plumbing issues.

Avoid Tenant Turnover

The next important way to successfully manage your rental property is to keep your tenants happy so that will want to keep renting from you. There are simple things you can do to keep tenants happy, such as quickly responding to repair requests and making an effort to place other good tenants in the property. One of the main reasons tenants move is because they are not happy with their neighbors. Having strict tenant screening procedures in place will help you weed out the good from the bad.

Follow Landlord Tenant Law

Understanding and following landlord tenant law will help you manage your rental property and your tenants It will provide a structure for you to follow, which will lead you to make fewer mistakes and therefore streamline the management process.

For example, you will learn the rules for how much you can collect as a security deposit when you must return a tenant’s security deposit, reasons you can evict a tenant in your state, the process of evicting a tenant and reasons a tenant may be able to legally withhold rent. You need to be familiar with the statewide landlord tenant rules, but you must also check with your local town to see if there are additional laws that may apply.

Hire a Property Manager  How to Successfully Manage an Investment Property 1

Managing a rental property can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Hiring a property manager is the right way to solve this problem for some property investors.

You can hire a property manager to do as much or as little as you want. Some landlords only want them to collect the monthly rent, while others want property management companies to do everything from filling vacancies to handling all repairs.

Hiring a property manager is a big decision and it is not cheap. You need to weigh the financial pros and cons to determine if it might be the right choice for you. Keep in mind that there are many bad property managers out there who can completely destroy your rental property, so you need to screen property managers very thoroughly, just as you would prospective tenants.

 How to Successfully Manage an Investment Property 2Pay Your Taxes

Finally, to make money as a property investor, you need to make sure you are properly managing your financial obligations. One large obligation every investor has is to pay their taxes.

Paying taxes as a rental property owner can be confusing. Since it is a business, you can often deduct home office expenses and since it is property, there are many deductions involving depreciation that you are allowed to take.


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Find the Right Apartment for Rent and Sale in Bahrain


apartment for sale in bahrain

10 Reasons People Are Moving to Bahrain.

Are You Thinking About investing In Bahrain? Here Are 10 Reasons As To Why So Many Expats Have Chosen To Relocate To

The Kingdom Of Bahrain.

 Tax free income

Cited as the primary motive for relocating to Bahrain, employees benefit from a 100% tax free salary.


Positioned near to the Topic of Cancer and surrounded by desert, the Bahrain is pray to year-round sun and relatively little precipitation


Notorious for its mix of beaches, impressive architecture, shopping malls, sporting activity, restaurants and night life, there is no shortage of social activity whatever your interest


The Middle East is one of the world’s most accessible hubs for both business and pleasure.

 Petrol prices

Averaging just 3 to 4 % of average salaries, the cost of petrol and transportation is relatively low in relation to other costs of living in the Middle East

 Professional experience

Exposure to the multitude of nationalities that reside within the Middle East provides a fantastic platform for inhabitants to build their multi-cultural experience and career progression opportunities

 Bahrain is a land of opportunity

Whilst there remains a heavy reliance on the oil sector throughout the region, there is increasing diversification to other sectors which is boosting the job market and demand for skilled labor

 Low Cost Real Estate

Whilst the cost of living is by no means cheap, residence gets a high quality of living for the price they pay

 English is widely spoken

Much business in the Middle East is conducted in English, removing the language barriers for Western expats doing business with locals

Apartment for rent


The Real Estate sector in Bahrain is moving in the right direction and over the past few years, investor confidence has been on the rise. The proof of this lies in the numerous freehold projects across Bahrain in Seef, Amwaj Islands, and Juffair etc. Bahrain has a buoyant real estate sector that’s complemented by a thriving energy sector and a host of governmental initiatives aimed at improving the local infrastructure and facilitating the local market.

However, when it comes to real estate, most expats who have not lived in Bahrain for long, feel lost as to how to go about the process of buying property in Bahrain- This is meant to provide some insight, precautions, and direction.
•The First step is to always find competent real estate agents who are experienced in the kind of property you are interested in. Speak to as many agents as possible and try to hear different opinions before you make any commitments.

• Do your research in terms of which area you should buy your property in. The more you educate yourself about the different cities and areas in Bahrain, the easier it will be to speak to agents in those areas and extract more value from your conversations with them.

• Regularly visit real estate portals for properties for sale in Bahrain.

• It’s advisable to steer clear of Freelancers who dabble in property brokerage as a part time job to make some extra money on the side. The reason for this is that they might not have correct or detailed information about the properties they are trying to sell. Buying a property is a considerably big decision and you are better of working with a broker that has a real estate license, has been around for while and is experienced in dealing with the type of property you are interested in.

• Once you have a few properties to consider, ask questions about the property’s history and its previous owners.

o Ask who lived there before
o What price was it rented at or sold at before
o Get a sense of the prices of the properties in the same neighborhood. The idea is to benchmark the prices so that you have a sense of whether you are getting a good deal or not.
o Ask around / do your research about other significant projects in the area that might affect the value of your property.
o Try to find out if there are any infrastructural projects being planned in the area that might affect the value of your property – airports, roads, ports, malls etc.
o If you are planning on living there, it’s also important to consider how far it is from schools, parks, clubs, malls and your work place etc.

See properties for Sale in Juffair and Seef Area Also see Era Real Estate listing of Flats for Sale in Manama

• If you plan on buying the property as an investment and then renting it out, you may want to consider asking yourself the following questions:

o Will people like to live in this place?
o From a tenant’s perspective, are there any other areas or neighborhoods nearby that are being rented out for a lower price?
o What’s the overall return on investment given the average rent of the place?
o How much will it take you to maintain the property? Factor this into your calculations when calculating ROI?
When it comes to buying property in Bahrain, it’s important to take the following precautions.
o Always ask for a receipt against any and all payments
o Make sure you have the original copies of all the paperwork.
o Keep all correspondence well documented.

Buying property is a decision you should not be hastened into. Take your time, do your research, have candid conversions with your broker, communicate expectations and feedback clearly and always rely on trusted real estate brokers with a proven track record.

Apartment for rent in Bahrain

Paying for your Bahrain property.

Mortgages Paying for your Bahrain property

Bahrain has over 400 banks and financial institutions, including insurance companies and Islamic banks. You should be able to find a bank that will give you a mortgage at a reasonable rate.


Many banks in Bahrain are international or have a significant presence in other Gulf states. Both international banks like HSBC and Standard Chartered and Bahrain banks such as Bahrain Islamic Bank and Arab Bank Bahrain will sell mortgages to foreigners.

You will need to provide a lot of paperwork in order to take out a mortgage. Some banks have more requirements, such as home insurance, but in general they ask for the following basic documents:

  • passport or driver’s license
  • CPR card (Bahrain identification document)
  • bank statements from previous three months
  • proof of income
  • sales/purchase agreement

Your mortgage amount and how long you have to pay it back depend on the bank. However, you can expect a maximum of 80% of your property purchase price, paid back over 25 years.

BBK announced Strategic Partnership with Era Projects Bahrain.

BBK, Bahrain’s pioneer in retail and commercial banking, announced today that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Era Projects, initiating a strategic partnership agreement, through which BBK will provide mortgage financing to the customers of Era View Tower located in Al Hoora.

Era Projects, a Real-Estate Development company based in the Kingdom of Bahrain, offers residential projects in the Kingdom’s fast growing capital with an aim for modern and comfortable living.  Under the terms of the agreement, customers of the Era View Tower who require funding in the form of mortgage loans will be advised to consider BBK being the end user funding partner.

Announcing the strategic partnership, Mr. Mohammed Malik, BBK’s Deputy Chief Executive, said: “In our continuous efforts to provide our customers with the best services and to facilitate the sale of the residential projects, we are pleased to enter into a strategic partnership with Era Projects that has been offering modern residential solutions which our customers can benefit from.  In return, customers from all nationalities residing in the GCC who wish to own a property in Era View Tower will enjoy excellent interest rates and loan terms from BBK.

Mr. Abdulhussain Ghuloom, Era Projects’ CEO, said: “We are delighted to initiate this partnership with BBK which I believe, is a step towards a new era of convenience for our customers where the main goal is to combine our offers at the Era View Tower and the financial solutions provided by the bank. We hope that this partnership marks as a beginning to many more collaborations with the Bank.”

Customers who are interested to own a residential property in Era View Tower are welcome to apply for a mortgage loan with BBK.

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7 Signs You’re Ready to Buy Your First Home

7 Signs You’re Ready to Buy Your First Home

The real estate market in Bahrain is a very active one, and investing in a property for sale in Bahrain is a very beneficial opportunity. Or maybe you are looking to buy a house in your home country? While renting is also another option that can be long-term, many people are now choosing to own their home. Are you one of those people? Read on for signs that you’re ready to buy your first home.

1. You have enough money for the down payment:

propertyfinder bahrain

There are a number of costs that are associated with purchasing a home, but of course, the biggest one is your down payment. Are you able to make the down payment with minim disruption to your everyday life?

2. You have a 6-month backup fund:

propertyfinder Bahrain

Being a homeowner comes with a number of unexpected costs, and as well, you never know what life can throw at you! You should always have a safe amount to fall back on, should you need some additional money on hand, or have a few unexpected payments.

3. You can calculate your household income for the next few years:
One of the major parts of the financial planning that comes with homeownership is being able to predict is how much income the household will bring in for the next few years. Of course, it will be hard to have an extracted amount, but knowing the general trend of your income should play a big role in your home purchasing process.

4. You have a steady job:
This is something that is sometimes difficult to be certain of, but it always helps to know that you have a secure and steady job. This will also help with your loans and mortgage approvals, but will also give you peace of mind as you commit yourself to a purchase as important as a home.

5. You have children, or are planning for them:
This is not to say that singles and individuals are not ready to be a home, but having a family is an extra push to become a homeowner. Families with kids are more prone to settling down and also purchasing a home can also help in securing their children’s future as well.

6. You are tired of renting:
7 Signs You’re Ready to Buy Your First Home 3

Making rental payments can be daunting, especially when you realize that you are paying into something that isn’t even yours! Have you begun calculating just how much you’re putting into someone else’s property?  You will probably reach a point where you believe that purchasing a house makes more sense for you than continuing to rent.

7. You can afford repairs:
7 Signs You’re Ready to Buy Your First Home 4
Repairs are part of ownership, whether you decide to live in the house yourself or buy it as an investment.  As a tenant, your landlord is usually responsible for any repairs, but as an owner, you will have to get all that done. Can you afford it? Have you calculated an average amount as to how much it would cost to make continuous repairs? If you have, then you are on the right track!

Click here to view properties for sale in Bahrain  

apartment for rent in Bahrain

Renting an Apartment in Bahrain

Guide: Renting an Apartment in Bahrain


apartment for rent in bahrain

Finding an apartment for rent in Bahrain is easier than you think. Although it could be a little daunting at first, you will soon realize that the county offers a wide selection of apartments for rent that will suit every taste, budget, and lifestyle.

Firstly you need to look at locations. Manama, the capital, remains the number one choice for renters. It offers a wide range of apartments for rent. However, there are several other areas that offer great housing options as well, and that is popular with both nationals and expats. Saar, Al Juffair and apartments for rent in Seef are just some of the areas that you can start your search in.

Ideally, you should look for an apartment that is close to your office or children’s school, as, at times, traffic can make even the sanest person lose their cool.

Amwaj Islands, Busaiteen and Riffa all offer various types of apartments for you to choose from, ranging from affordable to luxurious.

Apartment for rent in Seef.

You then need to start thinking of size. Apartments in Bahrain range from studios to 3+ bedrooms, so depending on your needs and budget, consider what will work best for you.

Once you’ve selected your apartment of choice, make sure you have all your paperwork in order, as rentals in Bahrain are high in demand and you will usually have more than one tenant after the same house.

Ensure that you have copies of your Bahrain ID card, a copy of your passport and a letter from your employer. Some landlords will also for a marriage certificate as well. You will also have to handover post-dated checks, as this is the usual method of payment unless stated otherwise.

You will usually be asked to supply a security deposit, which equals one month rent. This amount is fully refundable, should there be no damage to the property.
Renting an Apartment in Bahrain 5

Before signing the leasing contract, pay extra attention to these points:

  • Security deposit conditions
  • Duration of contract and any terms and conditions for extensions.
  • Notice period and early vacating fees/penalties
  • Information about utilities and maintenance

Once you fully understand what it is your looking for in a house, you’ll be spoiled for an option for finding an apartment to rent in Bahrain.

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apartment for sale in bahrain

Top Five Affordable Neighborhoods in Bahrain – Rent apartment in Seef

Top Five Affordable Neighborhoods in Bahrain.

rent apartment
Here are our picks for the most affordable areas in the country. propertyfinder Bahrain

1. Isa Town:

Popular for its traditional markets and shops, you get the best of both worlds in Isa Town, as the modern way of life blends perfectly with Bahraini traditions. While you may find a number of villas at a good price, apartments at a low price are also available.

2. Al Hidd:

rent apartment
In Al Hidd, you will be able to find studios and apartments at a reasonable price, helping you save some money on rent. Al Hidd is also well-liked for its central location, so is also a great option for anyone looking to be connected to the city!

3. Al Janabiya:

Somewhat further out of the city, Al Janabiya also offers a number of homes within a reasonable budget. It is still easily connected to focal points in the country and offers many options when it comes to housing.

 Rent apartment in Seef

4. Gudaibiya
rent apartment

Homes ranging from one to three bedroom apartments can be found in Gudaibiya at a reasonable price. It is also popular due to its prime location, offerings homes for a budget in the city’s centre.

 Rent apartment in Seef

Al Hoora:

Another district of Manama that offers budge housing, Al Hoora offers a variety of homes ranging in size and style that won’t break the bank!

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apartment for rent in Bahrain

7 Things You Shouldn’t Miss During a Property Viewing

7 Things You Shouldn’t Miss During a Property Viewing:

Moving into a new home in Bahrain is always an exciting time, especially when it comes to viewing one or two rentals that you have chosen. But, our excitement usually overshadows some important things we need to look at. So here are 7 things you should always check at a viewing.

1. Mobile and Internet connections:
Apartment for rent in bahrain
There’s nothing more annoying than have a slow internet connection or bad cell reception. Keep this in mind and try making a few calls in the new unit to test out signal strength. If possible, connect to the internet and test that out as well.

2. Neighbors:
Whether you are in a building or a compound, your neighbors will matter. Check out the noise levels, the overall condition of the building, storerooms and also visit the community amenities and facilities (such as gym, pool). These will give you a look at the overall atmosphere.


Imagine trying to find parking every time you come home? Make sure you agree on the parking situation beforehand, and also, inspect the parking garage. Is it clean? Organized? Does the space assigned to you seem okay? Get this out of the way to avoid any issues in the future.

4. Maintenance:
If possible, ask to speak to the maintenance team, or whoever is in charge. Understand what you will be responsible for, and what falls under their responsibility, so that you can be prepared for anything that might come up in the future.

5. Water pressure and temperature:
Apartment for rent in bahrain
Low water pressure and inconsistent water temperature is a nuisance. When you’re viewing the property, make sure you turn on the kitchen and bathroom faucets and test out both the temperature of the water and the pressure.

6. Check for dampness:
It comes as no surprise that some properties will have some dampness, especially with the humid weather in Bahrain. Signs of dampness could include bubbling paint, peeling wallpaper or a moldy smell.

7. The community:
Apartment for rent

Go for a quick walk around the block and experience the neighbor for yourself. Is it what you’re looking for? Does it suit your needs? This is very important and should not be overlooked.

*Expert Tip:
Never go to a viewing alone! Always take at least one person with you when you are viewing a property. Two are better than one.

Click here to find properties for rent in Bahrain 

apartment for rent in Bahrain

Buying Property in Bahrain

Guide: Buying Property in Bahrain

Buying Property in Bahrain 6Recent changes in Bahrain Real Estate laws now permit residents to invest and purchase properties for sale in Bahrain. For those who are looking for an attractive investment opportunity, here’s what you need to know.

  1. As a foreigner, can I buy property in Bahrain?
    Yes, you can. However, you can only purchase freehold properties. Before you take any steps in that direction, consult with your real estate lawyer or office about the areas where foreign property ownership is allowed.
  2. Where can I buy?
    Whether or not you are a resident of Bahrain, foreigners can invest in properties in the following areas: Ahmed Al-Fateh, Hoora, Bu Ghazal, Seef, Northern Manama, Durrat Al-Bahrain, Amwaj Islands, and Dannat Hawar.
    Buying Property in Bahrain 7
  3. Tell Me about taxes:
    While Bahrain is a tax free country, foreign property owners must pay 10% municipal tax on properties.
  4. What about residency?
    As an owner of a freehold property, you are entitled to a 5 year self-sponsorship, which can be renewed. You are also entitled to a Residence Permit that allows you to sponsor your spouse and children (those who are under 18 years of age).
  5. And then?
    Once you have decided on a property and agreed with the owner regarding the price, you will then sign a reservation agreement, which means that the seller cannot sell the property to anyone else. You will then sign the sales agreement, and most probably provide a down payment. This agreement will detail the payment structure and schedule. Once full payment has been made on the property, you will receive the title deed. Keep in mind that the agreement must be notarized at the legislation court and the property needs to be registered with the Bahrain Survey and Land Registration Bureau. Registration fees vary from 1.5% – 3% depending on property type and price.

Please ensure that you consult with an attorney or real estate office before signing any legal documents or taking any steps in buying property in Bahrain.

For a complete list of available properties for sale in Bahrain, click here